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Sideplate in stock
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Sideplate in stock
Sideplate in st

Key: replacement parts for sulzer ahlstrom sideplate

Wear plate for Ahlstrom
Sulzer Ahlstrom have been widely used in fluid application
Part no.:135
Material: ASTM A890 3A, ASTM A747 Grade CB7Cu-2
Pump size emcompass all line of Ahlstrom spares, APP/APT NPP/NPT WPP/WPT EPP/EPT
Our Hongya, as a manufacture just like sulzer having our own foundries and facilities, with 10 year's experience, we can ensure selection for Ahlsrom replacement to fit your original pump and our production processes are ISO 9002 certified. Each pump and pump parts are rigorously tested before shipment, and regardless of where in the world Ahlstrom pumps are made, the commitment to quality is unrelenting to meet your expection, Very best competitive pice and Top quality.
Besides, foundries and full facilities, we also have our own mould stock, so we are premier manufacturer of providing replacements of Ahlstrom, every production is from our own ablility.
Sideplate in stock
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